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Title: How to change Gnome-Terminal title?
ID: /2019/08/11/How-to-change-Gnome-Terminal-title_
Created: August 11, 2019    Edited:  February 27, 2022
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Works on Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04

This answer is simpler than most others. To use it, you would simply type:

title "My new title"

One-time function creation

Create the title function in your ~/.bashrc file:

function title() {
    # Set terminal tab title. Usage: title "new tab name"
    prefix=${PS1%%\\a*}                  # Everything before: \a
    search=${prefix##*;}                 # Eeverything after: ;
    esearch="${search//\\/\\\\}"         # Change \ to \\ in old title
    PS1="${PS1/$esearch/$@}"             # Search and replace old with new

Save the ~ /.bashrc file. After opening a new terminal tab use:

title "Special Projects"


title Special\ Projects

A phrase with spaces must be wrapped in double quotes (") or each space must be escaped with \.

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