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Tags: command-line   bash   bashrc   prompt   ps1  
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Title: How can I shorten my command line (bash) prompt?
ID: /2019/08/13/How-can-I-shorten-my-command-line-_bash_-prompt_
Created: August 13, 2019    Edited:  August 13, 2019
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I wrote a function you can modify to suit your needs:

function termprompt() {
    PS1="${PS1//@\\h/}"     # Remove @host
    PS1="${PS1//\\w/\\W}"   # Change from full directory to last name

Place this function at or near the bottom of ~/.bashrc after the PS1 line has been fully computed.

You would type termprompt whenever you wanted to shorten your prompt or, have termprompt called from the bottom of your ~/.bashrc for permanency.

The advantage of this technique over many other answers is .bashrc can setup PS1 in four different ways (xterm+no-color, xterm+color, no-xterm+no-color, no-xterm+color). This answer supports all four current methods and probably future methods too.

Another advantage is this method has less complex control codes to traverse over in order to insert your changes.

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