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Title: upowerd hogging CPU while iPhone is connected
ID: /2019/08/13/upowerd-hogging-CPU-while-iPhone-is-connected
Created: August 13, 2019
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This just happened when I resumed the computer this morning. Going into suspend last night I had Power Panel left open. This morning Power Panel was all greyed out and the hard disk light was flashing like a disco light show.

I used these commands:

$ ps -aux | grep upowerd | grep -v grep
root      2013  0.5  0.0 349976  7372 ?        Rsl  Aug11  11:12 /usr/lib/upower/upowerd

$ sudo killall -9 upowerd

Of course now upowerd isn’t running at all but that’s OK it’ll come back with the next reboot. I don’t use it much anyway just to check when wireless mouse or keyboard batteries are low.

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