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Title: What are these LED power supply plugs called?
ID: /2019/10/07/What-are-these-LED-power-supply-plugs-called_
Created: October 7, 2019    Edited:  February 15, 2022
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New LED lamps made in China have fancy new connectors and I’m searching for the IEEE official name (or whichever authority names them). I need to order male and female ends that can be opened to expose wiring screws inside or soldering posts.

According to Power Brick it’s probably 20V DC. The wire looks like 24 gauge? Let’s call them thin speaker wires. The LED lamp draws ~7 watts.

Here’s what the male plug looks like next to a dime:

male end

Here’s what the female receiver looks like next to a standard USB plug:

female end

My goal is to buy 100 feet of speaker wire and make a 35 foot extension cable and a 25 foot extension.

A nice thin wire pair will run across the living room baseboards nicer than 14 gauge 120VAC cable.

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