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Title: Is there a markdown "rich text" editor?
ID: /2019/11/21/Is-there-a-markdown-_rich-text_-editor_
Created: November 21, 2019    Edited:  November 23, 2019
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You can still use LO Writer with pandoc

Because LibreOffice supports MS Word .doc files, this popular answer from Stack Exchange might work for you:

Pandoc supports conversion from docx to markdown directly:

pandoc -f docx -t markdown foo.docx -o foo.markdown  

Several markdown formats are supported:

-t gfm (GitHub-Flavored Markdown)  
-t markdown_mmd (MultiMarkdown)  
-t markdown (pandoc’s extended Markdown)  
-t markdown_strict (original unextended Markdown)  
-t markdown_phpextra (PHP Markdown Extra)  
-t commonmark (CommonMark Markdown)  

It also supports LibreOffice native .odt format as illustrated in these 30 examples.

DOCX style sheets are supported better than ODT style sheets

As a github reference page notes in: Defining custom DOCX styles in LibreOffice (and Word)

In case you wonder LibreOffice handles DOCX documents very well, and
Pandoc works well with a reference docx file which has been
modified in LibreOffice. This is good because as of Pandoc
DOCX support is superior to ODT support in Pandoc, notably including
the custom-style attribute feature which doesn’t work for ODT.

Visit this github page for all kinds of great tips using pandoc.

Try it online before installing

You can try the pandoc online conversion tool before installing locally.

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