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Title: How to read .json to output an specific number?
ID: /2019/11/24/How-to-read-.json-to-output-an-specific-number_
Created: November 24, 2019
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A better answer can probably be made using a tool like jq but a brute force method would be:

$ head -c400 ~/.cache/weather.xml

{"cod":"200","message":0,"cnt":40,"list":[{"dt":1574629200,"main":{"temp":12.8,"temp_min":12.8,"temp_max":13.07,"pressure":1020,"sea_level":1020,"grnd_level":1012,"humidity":82,"temp_kf":-0.27},"weather":[{"id":804,"main":"Clouds","description":"overcast clouds","icon":"04n"}],"clouds":{"all":92},"wind":{"speed":2.22,"deg":232},"sys":{"pod":"n"},"dt_txt":"2019-11-24 21:00:00"},{"dt":1574640000,"ma

This displays the first 400 characters of the file and it appears your information is always at the start of the file?

$ head -c400 ~/.cache/weather.xml | sed 's/.*icon":"//g'

04n"}],"clouds":{"all":92},"wind":{"speed":2.22,"deg":232},"sys":{"pod":"n"},"dt_txt":"2019-11-24 21:00:00"},{"dt":1574640000,"ma

This removes everything up to and including "icon":" leaving 04n which you desire at the beginning of the line.

$ head -c400 ~/.cache/weather.xml | sed 's/.*icon":"//g' | sed 's/".*//'


Finally this gives you everything you were looking for.

Not pretty but it works.

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