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Tags: notify-osd   notify-send   systemd-journald   conky  
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Title: Pop up bubble messages for boot related issues
ID: /2020/01/11/Pop-up-bubble-messages-for-boot-related-issues
Created: January 11, 2020
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I was looking at one of my apps today and wondered if it actually worked to get today’s sunrise and sunset times. Conky displays them as 8:46am and 4:36pm respectively but they could be yesterday’s times for all I know. I could dig through program code and find what error messages go into journalctl if program failed and then manually search for those error messages.

It would be easier if there is an existing app where I put in what messages to watch for and it checks journalctl for me. Then it sends a pop-up notification periodically until I acknowledge reading it.

As a bonus the program can keep track of the times a specific error has occurred in a scroll-able database. Maybe for some errors such as NTFS permissions which spam journalctl just the count per day, week, month, etc is better and no pop-up notification.

Is there such a program already or do I have to invent the wheel?

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