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Title: How to remove the GobiNet and GobiSerial driver from ubuntu 16.04
ID: /2020/01/17/How-to-remove-the-GobiNet-and-GobiSerial-driver-from-ubuntu-16.04
Created: January 17, 2020    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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Removing drivers

To remove drivers from memory use:

modprobe -vr GobiSerial
modprobe -vr GobiNet

To prevent drivers from loading in the first place see blacklisting:

Gobiserial specific

If your desire is to fix bad drivers then as per this website you must install firmware updates via Windows, not Linux:

FIRMWARE UPDATE: (Incase you need one)

The firmware update has to be done on windows. Insert the device into a windows box, and let it
install drivers and enumerate interafaces. Make sure you can see the
managment webpage.

Note the three typos in the original instructions, it’s a bad omen….

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