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Title: Variable substitution in Linux and dynamically fetch property from Source file
ID: /2020/04/05/Variable-substitution-in-Linux-and-dynamically-fetch-property-from-Source-file
Created: April 5, 2020
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This meets your criteria:

$ cat extract.dat
ExchgRate_prop="EDB_NAME=share_exchange SRC_WDS=wds PN=ExchgRate"
Compliance_prop="EDB_NAME=share_compliance SRC_WDS=wca PN=com"
Unitcost_prop=="EDB_NAME=share_unitcost SRC_WDS=wda PN=unit"

$ grep ExchgRate extract.dat | cut -d'"' -f2
EDB_NAME=share_exchange SRC_WDS=wds PN=ExchgRate

$ grep Unitcost extract.dat | cut -d'"' -f2
EDB_NAME=share_unitcost SRC_WDS=wda PN=unit

To make it easier you can create a script (note the path is for my system, not yours):


# PATH: $HOME/askubuntu/
# DESC: Answer for:
# PARM: $1 = input file, $2 = field name
# NOTE: Prints result
# DATE: April 5, 2020

grep "$2" "$1" | cut -d'"' -f2

Make the script executable with chmod a+x

Put the script in the path or call it in the current directory with:

$ extract.dat Unitcost
EDB_NAME=share_unitcost SRC_WDS=wda PN=unit
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