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Tags: command-line   bash   scripts  
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Title: How to execute a script, line by line, for troubleshooting purposes?
ID: /2020/11/27/How-to-execute-a-script_-line-by-line_-for-troubleshooting-purposes_
Created: November 27, 2020
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From Stack overflow:

set -x or set -o xtrace expands variables and prints a little + sign before the line.

set -v or set -o verbose does not expand the variables before printing.

Use set +x and set +v to turn off the above settings.

On the first line of the script, one can put #!/bin/sh -x (or -v) to have the same effect as set -x (or -v) later in the script.

The above also works with /bin/sh.

See the bash-hackers’ wiki on set attributes, and on debugging.

$ cat shl

ls $DIR

$ bash -x shl 
+ DIR=/tmp/so
+ ls /tmp/so
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