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Title: Boot options not appearing after Esc and all F## keys held when powering up laptop
ID: /2021/01/08/Boot-options-not-appearing-after-Esc-and-all-F__-keys-held-when-powering-up-laptop
Created: January 8, 2021
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For those with other computers with the same question comes this answer:

Access Boot Menu

To access Boot Menu on your computer you will need to hit different keys (or combination of keys) depending on your computer type. Here is the list of possible keys you may have to press depending on your PC:

Device Key Combination Comment
Acer Esc, F12 or F9 F12 key most likely
Apple ⌥ the key is also known as Option or Alt
Asus F8 or Esc  
Compaq Esc or F9  
Dell F12  
eMachines F12  
Fujitsu F12  
HP Esc or F9  
Lenovo F8, F10 or F12 Other possibilities: Novo button or Fn + F11
Samsung Esc or F2 or F12 For ultrabooks from Samsung disable the fast boot option in BIOS/UEFI. See next section.
VAIO Esc, F10 or F11 Other possibilities: Assist button
Toshiba F12  
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