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Title: Temporarily disable distracting software
ID: /2022/03/13/Temporarily-disable-distracting-software
Created: March 13, 2022
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The question could be rephrased as: “I have no self control, could you help me control myself?”

You could have two user ID’s one called work and the other called play. Installed games could be assigned under ownership of user ID play who doesn’t allow access to other users.

But what about the internet? There is lots of playing with facebook, twitter, adult entertainment and other websites. However at work, most of us need the internet to access sites like Ask Ubuntu and Google Search. You cannot block the internet from user work.

There is as of yet no internet rating system for “waste of time” and “good use of time” to block certain websites to user ID work. Besides at my work place going to Ask Ubuntu would be considered a waste of time but going to one of my vendors’ websites or customers’ websites would be considered a good use of time.

If you do have the time, and I for one don’t, of filtering through millions of websites and flag them as work approved then this article would help:

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