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Title: How can I identify an empty window?
ID: /2016/10/03/How-can-I-identify-an-empty-window_
Created: October 3, 2016
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Answering the first half of your question How can I identify what produces this empty window, with the window open, open the Terminal and type xlsclients:

dell  bamfdaemon
dell  ibus-ui-gtk3
dell  ibus-x11
dell  unity-settings-daemon
dell  unity-panel-service
dell  indicator-printers-service
dell  indicator-keyboard-service
dell  unity-fallback-mount-helper
dell  polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1
dell  nm-applet
dell  gnome-software
dell  nautilus
dell  compiz
dell  telepathy-indicator
dell  gnome-terminal-server
dell  update-notifier
dell  notify-osd
dell  hud-service
dell  google-chrome-stable
dell  conky

Then close the window and run xlsclients again. The process running the window will be the one(s) on the first list but not on the second.

Finding the process name is the first step to stopping it.


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