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Title: How To Make .RTF Files Non-Executable in Ubuntu 16.04
ID: /2016/11/07/How-To-Make-.RTF-Files-Non-Executable-in-Ubuntu-16.04
Created: November 7, 2016    Edited:  December 4, 2016
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Open Nautilus.

Navigate to one of the RTF files in question and left single click on it. Not a double click, a single left click to give it focus.

Hover your mouse over the top menu bar to make the β€œFile, Edit…” menu appear then use:

  1. Click Edit drop-down menu
  2. Click Preferences option
  3. Click Behavior tab
  4. Observe the radio option buttons under Executable Text Files
  5. Check radio button View executable text files when they are opened

Note though when you do this and double click on a Bash Script file it will be opened with the default text editor selected instead of being executed.

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