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Title: How can I know if my GPU card driver supports Vulkan?
ID: /2016/11/07/How-can-I-know-if-my-GPU-card-driver-supports-Vulkan_
Created: November 7, 2016    Edited:  November 7, 2016
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According to Intel: (Intel open source graphics drivers and vulkan graphics api) support for Vulkan is seamlessly built into Linux PC distributions.

Whether or not Vulkan or OpenGL support is built into a given game is up to that game’s developer not to your hardware/firmware or software drivers.

As comment below points out the above β€œseamless” integration is for 6th generation CPUs. For IvyBridge (HD4000) and newer Vulkan support it is built into Mesa 13 Intel-Vulkan driver that can be downloaded here: ( vulkan-intel) and is discussed in detail here: (Mesa 13). Note Mesa driver 13 was released November 1, 2016 and is a great improvement over version 12.

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