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Title: How to create a directory within your home directory - Linux
ID: /2016/11/07/How-to-create-a-directory-within-your-home-directory-Linux
Created: November 7, 2016    Edited:  November 14, 2016
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Iโ€™m sure your teacher will be impressed with your mastering the Terminal environment which you invoke with hot-keys Ctrl+Alt+T. A new text based window appears. By default, the terminal opens in your so you can simply enter

mkdir A452

To create the directory - mkdir is the command to make a directory, and if no explicit path is specified, the command will be executed in the current working directory. However, if your current working directory is not your home directory, youโ€™ll need to manually force use of it, which you can do with something known as the tilde (~), which automatically refers to your user home.

mkdir ~/A452

That will create the directory under your home directory. As a bonus let the teacher know how to close the terminal window by typing:


Make sure to put โ€œAsk Ubuntuโ€ into your bibliography.

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