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Title: cron launching but not executing script
ID: /2016/11/07/cron-launching-but-not-executing-script
Created: November 7, 2016    Edited:  November 7, 2016
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It looks like the executable ruby is not in cron’s path, so you need to use the full path to the executable.

Change your script from:

ruby ~/Documents/Scripts/monday_task.rb >> ~/Documents/Scripts/monday


/home/asarluhi/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.3.1/bin/ruby /home/asarluhi/Documents/Scripts/monday_task.rb >> /home/asarluhi/Documents/Scripts/monday

As your syslog demonstrates the script is being run on time so absolute path-names is the only answer. As per OP comment ruby also has to be prefixed with absolute path-name.

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