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Title: Is Ubuntu Server required for LAMP server or will anything break if I install LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop?
ID: /2016/12/26/Is-Ubuntu-Server-required-for-LAMP-server-or-will-anything-break-if-I-install-LAMP-on-Ubuntu-Desktop_
Created: December 26, 2016    Edited:  April 13, 2017
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I’ve already seen a similar question that was closed as a duplicate of this (What's the easiest way to set up a LAMP stack?) However no where in that Q&A does it answer the question.

A little background: I have a 2007 laptop with dual core 2GHz CPU and 4 GB Ram. I want to repurpose as a web server and it already has Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Unity DE installed on it. I’m not terribly keen on installing Server Edition. Before someone says β€œit’ll be too slow” my ISP limits uploads to 500 Kbps on my plan, even though downloads are 15 Mbps which suffices. Additionally I’ll be the only person using the webserver (possibly NSA too) so speed isn’t critical.

I know people will through in opinions on which is better and that is fine but I really just want to know if anything will break when I type:

sudo apt install lamp-server^

on my laptop.


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