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Tags: command-line   grep   ls   pipe  
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Title: Why the pipe command "l | grep "1" " get the wrong result?
ID: /2016/12/28/Why-the-pipe-command-_l-_-grep-_1_-_-get-the-wrong-result_
Created: December 28, 2016    Edited:  December 28, 2016
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Your l and ls commands are setup as aliases.

When you run them piping the output through grep "1" (using |) each screen line where 1 appears is displayed, with the 1 colored red.

Because file names ., .., 2 and 22 appear on the same screen line, they are output by grep as well but do not appear in red which shows grep matches.

The :34m is an escape sequence for a color that doesn’t paint properly. Based on your revised question with the output of type -a l and type -a it can be reproduced in my system. Please note you should change your alias from --color to --color=auto:

Color output

color ls

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