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Title: How to set Rhythmbox default for mp3 [Not working]
ID: /2017/03/05/How-to-set-Rhythmbox-default-for-mp3-_Not-working_
Created: March 5, 2017
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Although there are similar questions and answers in Ask Ubuntu that dance around the bush none of them cut to the chase (that I’ve found so far). You need to perform a few steps to get Rhythmbox as the default music player:

  1. In Nautilus file manager navigate to any .mp3 file.
  2. Give the it focus with a single left click.
  3. Hover the mouse over the top screen line (systray)
  4. A menu is revealed on the systray from that select File
  5. At the drop down menu select Properties
  6. From the Properties window select the Open With tab:

Nautilus Default Music Player

Select Rhythmbox as the application and click the lower right button Set as Default

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