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Title: What does `ls --directory` stand for?
ID: /2017/03/04/What-does-_ls-directory_-stand-for_
Created: March 4, 2017
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Using ls -d by itself is fairly useless because without a parameter it always returns .. After you specify a parameter it makes sense though. For example if your user name is rick and you want to see all the directories in your home use:

$ ls -d /home/rick/*/
/home/rick/AAC/        /home/rick/EnhanceIO/         /home/rick/silentcast/
/home/rick/assembly/   /home/rick/EnhanceIO-master/  /home/rick/Templates/
/home/rick/bin/        /home/rick/log/               /home/rick/test/
/home/rick/Desktop/    /home/rick/Music/             /home/rick/tmpe/
/home/rick/Documents/  /home/rick/Pictures/          /home/rick/Videos/
/home/rick/Downloads/  /home/rick/Public/
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