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Title: how to take whole ubuntu 16.04 system backup into external hard disk
ID: /2017/10/09/how-to-take-whole-ubuntu-16.04-system-backup-into-external-hard-disk
Created: October 9, 2017    Edited:  November 14, 2017
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This is what I use for a full backup:


# NAME: full-backup
# PATH: $HOME/bin
# DESC: Full system backup - must call with SUDO

# DATE: July 16, 2017. Modified July 26, 2017.

apt autoclean 	# reduces size of /var/cache/apt/archives

cd /tmp		# tar must be created in directory not backed up.

time tar -cvpzf backup.tar.gz \
--exclude=/backup.tar.gz \
--exclude=/proc \
--exclude=/tmp \
--exclude=/mnt \
--exclude=/dev \
--exclude=/sys \
--exclude=/media \
--exclude=/usr/src/linux-headers* \
--exclude=/home/rick/.cache \
--exclude=/var/log \
--exclude=/var/run/ \
--exclude=/run \
--exclude=/var/cache/apt/archives /

I’ve never used the backup to restore files and hope I will never have to.

Put the script into /usr/local/bin/full-backup and mark it executable using chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/full-backup. The backup will be a compressed file but still requires about 6 GB on my system

When you call full-backup script the backup archive will be created in the /tmp directory. Then you will need to copy it to a USB flash drive.

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