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Title: Locate command is returning too many results
ID: /2018/02/19/Locate-command-is-returning-too-many-results
Created: February 19, 2018    Edited:  March 30, 2018
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I made the mistake of copying the same files to different partitions with good intentions of pruning (deleting) them from the source or target(s) later. Now when I try to locate them I get too many results from locate command:

rick@alien:~$ locate "display-auto-brightness"
/home/rick/Pictures/display-auto-brightness conky.png
/home/rick/Pictures/display-auto-brightness systray.png
/home/rick/Pictures/display-auto-brightness-config 1.png
/home/rick/Pictures/ps display-auto-brightness.png

The locate command is automatically placing the * wild card after the search string and returning extra undesired results. The .png files should not be returned.

Why is locate returning too many results?

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