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Tags: boot   dual-boot   grub2   fstab  
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Title: How can I copy /home and / to new partitions on the same drive which I can boot into for testing.
ID: /2018/02/28/How-can-I-copy-_home-and-_-to-new-partitions-on-the-same-drive-which-I-can-boot-into-for-testing/How-can-I-copy-_home-and-_-to-new-partitions-on-the-same-drive-which-I-can-boot-into-for-testing.
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Rather than copying OS install it

I would install Kubuntu to sda6 rather than copying sda4 to sda6 and patching things here and there. The advantage is grub will automatically setup the triple boot for you.

After OS installation copy the package list and reinstall packages. There are a few Q&Aโ€™s describing how to automate the process:

After automatic installation of packages then copy sda5 (/home) over top of sda7 (/home). If you did this before package installation some data / configurations files could be overwritten.

As far as UEFI being broken you could post that as a separate question.

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