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Title: Find an identical file with a different name
ID: /2018/02/28/Find-an-identical-file-with-a-different-name
Created: February 28, 2018    Edited:  June 12, 2020
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Grep can find it quickly

When used properly, the grep command can find the duplicate quickly. You must be careful not to search the whole file system or it will take days to complete. I recently documented this here: greping all files for a string takes a long time

For optimum speed use:

grep -rnw --exclude-dir={boot,dev,lib,media,mnt,proc,root,run,sys,/tmp,tmpfs,var} '/' -e 'String in file'

If your file might be on a Windows directory remove the mnt directory.

If you know the file is within the /home directory someplace you can shorten the command:

grep -rnw '/home' -e 'String in file'
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