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Title: Running a Bash while loop over all similar files
ID: /2018/07/02/Running-a-Bash-while-loop-over-all-similar-files
Created: July 2, 2018    Edited:  July 3, 2018
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From this Stack Overflow answer: List files that only have number in names:

find . -regex '.*/[0-9]+\.tst'


Using find also has advantages when you want to do something with the files, e.g. using the built-in -exec, -print0 and pipe to xargs -0 or even (using Bash):

while IFS='' read -r -d '' file
  # ...
done < <(find . -regex '.*/[0-9]+\.tst' -print0)

Note the other answers here my include files that aren’t numbers if the filename starts with a digit. The answer posted here does not though. For example:

$ ls *.tst
12tst.tst  1.tst  2.tst

$ find . -maxdepth 1 -regex '.*/[0-9]+\.tst'

NOTE: Use -maxdepth 1 argument to only list numbered files in the current directory and not in sub-directories.

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