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Title: Every time I change networks, DNS cache has the wrong IP. How to fix automatically every time?
ID: /2018/07/03/Every-time-I-change-networks_-DNS-cache-has-the-wrong-IP.-How-to-fix-automatically-every-time_
Created: July 3, 2018    Edited:  July 4, 2018
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This systemd script restarts Network Manager when resuming from suspend.



restart_network() {
    /usr/bin/logger $MYNAME 'restart_network BEGIN'
    systemctl restart NetworkManager.service
    /usr/bin/logger $MYNAME 'restart_network END'

/usr/bin/logger $MYNAME 'case=[' ${1}' ]'
case "${1}/${2}" in

You’ll need to create this script, called network-reset, with sudo powers and save it into the directory /lib/systemd/system-sleep. Then mark it executable using:

chmod a+x /lib/systemd/system-sleep/network-reset

The logger commands above allow you to audit results by running journalctl or by looking in /var/log/syslog.

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