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Title: Can I change the font of the text-mode console?
ID: /2018/07/13/Can-I-change-the-font-of-the-text-mode-console_
Created: July 13, 2018
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Using Ubuntu 16.04 (probably works in all supported versions), I edited ~/.bashrc and just before terminal splash at end of file, inserted the setfont command:

# Set font when running in console
/bin/setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/Lat2-Terminus32x16.psf.gz    

# Splash Calendar and time

# ASCII Linux distribution display

Now when selected Ctrl+Alt+F1 through Ctrl+Alt+F6 and get nice big fonts.

This is the largest font available and you can see a complete list with ls command:

$ ls /usr/share/consolefonts
Arabic-Fixed15.psf.gz             Lat15-Terminus20x10.psf.gz
Arabic-Fixed16.psf.gz             Lat15-Terminus22x11.psf.gz
Arabic-VGA14.psf.gz               Lat15-Terminus24x12.psf.gz
    (... SNIP ...)
Lat15-Terminus14.psf.gz           Vietnamese-Fixed16.psf.gz
Lat15-Terminus16.psf.gz           Vietnamese-Fixed18.psf.gz

Sample screen

This is a facsimile, not a true screen capture from console where screen is wider by 20% and background is black:

Sample console fonts

Prior to changes I couldn’t read the screen on HDPI monitor.

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