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Title: I'm using 16.04 LTS and was told today 18.04.1 LTS is available. Should I upgrade?
ID: /2018/08/28/I_m-using-16.04-LTS-and-was-told-today-18.04.1-LTS-is-available.-Should-I-upgrade_
Created: August 28, 2018
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Changing upgrade options to Never is a good idea so that you don’t accidentally click the Upgrade button when you aren’t prepared.

The first thing you should know is no backup is made when you upgrade. So you should perform a full system backup. You can buy a 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB USB Flash drive for this purpose at a reasonable price.

The second thing you should do is search on 18.04 above in the Ask Ubuntu Search Bar and see all the other users that are having problems after upgrading. Be forewarned! Pay special attention to software you use and if it is supported or not.

The third thing tp be aware of is the new Gnome interface on the horizon and that stated intentions that the Unity interface you are used to is about to dropped in the next two to five years (or perhaps longer). This is a good chance to get a Live USB with 18.04 on it and play with the new interface for a couple weeks / months to see if you like it.

The fourth thing you can do, assuming you can shrink Windows enough, or have enough empty disk space is create a partition to clone your 16.04 to and run the 18.04 upgrade on the clone. This could potentially save you $$$ and time learning ahead of time that something is broken. I’ve created a script just for this purpose: Backup/clone live to a new partition which can be booted

I hope many people take care upgrading to 18.04 and test it thoroughly before making the leap because it’s saddening to see those who unwittingly plunge into chaos.

I’ve upgraded 16.04 to 18.04 many times since late April 2018 and I must say it is getting better each time but I still use 16.04 as my go-to OS 99% of the time.

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