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Title: Gnome Energy Saving: How to turn of the watch screen?
ID: /2018/09/30/Gnome-Energy-Saving_-How-to-turn-of-the-watch-screen_
Created: September 30, 2018
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Lots of people are annoyed by this “Screen Shield” or “Curtain” or “Swipe to Unlock” as it is can be called. This Ask Ubuntu question has 33 up-votes: How to remove "phone style" Gnome swipe to unlock

The answer with the most votes states:

Open Ubuntu Software and install the GNOME Shell Extension called:

Disable Screen Shield

This works for Ubuntu 18.04

Source: Disable Screen Shield

enter image description here

Note most users say it works with 18.04, but one commented it doesn’t work. It could just be s/he didn’t install it correctly.

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