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Title: How can I limit page cache/buffer size
ID: /2018/12/16/How-can-I-limit-page-cache_buffer-size
Created: December 16, 2018
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By default when rsync updates your backup it creates a copy of the file and then moves it into place. To avoid this step you can have rsync write directly to your backup with the --inplace argument.

As per


This option changes how rsync transfers a file when the fileโ€™s data needs to be updated: instead of the default method of creating a
new copy of the file and moving it into place when it is complete,
rsync instead writes the updated data directly to the destination

This has several effects:

(1) in-use binaries cannot be updated
(either the
OS will prevent this from happening, or binaries that attempt to swap-in their data will misbehave or crash),

(2) the fileโ€™s data will
be in an inconsistent state during the transfer,

(3) a fileโ€™s data may
be left in an inconsistent state after the transfer if the transfer is
interrupted or if an update fails,

(4) a file that does not have write
permissions can not be updated, and

(5) the efficiency of rsyncโ€™s
delta-transfer algorithm may be reduced if some data in the
destination file is overwritten before it can be copied to a position
later in the file (one exception to this is if you combine this option
with โ€“backup, since rsync is smart enough to use the backup file as
the basis file for the transfer).

WARNING: you should not use this
option to update files that are being
accessed by others, so be careful when choosing to use this for a copy.

This option is useful for transfer of large files with
block-based changes
or appended data, and also on systems that are disk bound, not network bound.

The option implies --partial (since an interrupted
transfer does not delete
the file), but conflicts with --partial-dir and --delay-updates. Prior to rsync 2.6.4 --inplace was also incompatible with
--compare-dest and --link-dest.

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