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Title: CPU governor changes automatically to "performance" under load
ID: /2019/05/11/CPU-governor-changes-automatically-to-_performance_-under-load
Created: May 11, 2019
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cpufreqd is a frequency management daemon installed with:

sudo apt install cpufreqd

A configuration file cpufreqd.conf is used to change frequencies. There are two sections where you can see it changing governor to β€œperformance”:


# full power when AC
ac=on                   # (on/off)

It’s harder to figure out when it changes to β€œpowersave” unless the battery charger is unplugged.

Since kernel 3.4 cpufreq is built into the kernel and loaded automatically. It includes frequency management daemon called thermald. As such there isn’t much a need for cpufreqd anymore and it may have conflicted on your system.

For even greater customization under battery power the tlp package is commonly used these days.

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