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Title: How can I search within a manpage?
ID: /2019/07/03/How-can-I-search-within-a-manpage_
Created: July 3, 2019    Edited:  August 23, 2019
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GUI Methods

If you have Ubuntu Desktop version installed you can search graphically.

Gnome Help

Gnome help uses yelp program. Instead of typing man ls for the CLI man page you can type yelp man:ls and view in GUI window:

yelp man:ls.png

Once loaded you can use Control + F to search.


I open the man page on the internet and use my browsers search feature Control + F.

For example if in the terminal I type in man yad in my browser I would type linux man yad.

You sometimes need to pay attention that the internet version can sometimes have newer or older list of arguments but this has rarely happened to me.

The advantages of internet manpages goes beyond search facility and includes superior scrolling plus easier copying to clipboard.

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