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Title: How to keep PPA's enabled during 18.10 to 19.04 Release Upgrade?
ID: /2019/07/27/How-to-keep-PPA_s-enabled-during-18.10-to-19.04-Release-Upgrade_
Created: July 27, 2019    Edited:  July 28, 2019
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This article:

… describes a new ground-breaking development for Ubuntu users:

Brian Murray, Ubuntu Bugmaster, says this should solve many of the
issues people are encountering when trying to upgrade from one Ubuntu
release to another. I’d also add that his makes it easier to continue
receiving updates to software installed from PPA / third-party sources
after an Ubuntu upgrade, while also not removing software that might
be otherwise removed due to incompatibility when upgrading.

You can use (in 18.10 now, in 18.04 soon) a new flag:


Note: Only PPAs supported in the new version will be enabled:

It’s worth noting that you may still see a warning about third party
sources being disabled on upgrade, but those that support the Ubuntu
version to which you’re upgrading will not be disabled.

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