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Tags: partitioning   filesystem   gparted   ntfs   ext4  
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Title: Why does Gparted leave a spare used space after formating for all File Systems(ntfs,fat32,ex4)?
ID: /2019/07/27/Why-does-Gparted-leave-a-spare-used-space-after-formating-for-all-File-Systems_ntfs_fat32_ex4__
Created: July 27, 2019
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ext4 has overhead for newly created partitions. Answers here suggest reserved space (overhead) of 1.5% is great and it can be as high as 5%. In your case it appears to be 2.17% if my math-challenged mind has calculated it correctly.

The reasons for overhead are to address the infamous defrag hard disk problem in Windows which doesn’t exist in Linux. Other reasons are to improve fsck.

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