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Title: Which LTS version is supported? 18.04.1 or 18.04.2? both?
ID: /2019/08/01/Which-LTS-version-is-supported_-18.04.1-or-18.04.2_-both_
Created: August 1, 2019    Edited:  August 1, 2019
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The article might be a little misleading.

Version 18.10 is supported for 9 months.

It says 18.04 is supported for three more years because it is LTS. This includes 18.04.1, 18.04.2 and 18.04.3 when it comes out, etc. They would all be good until April of year 2021 according to comments below.

It says the advantage of 18.04.2 over 18.04.1 is some of the kernel and driver enhancements in 18.10 have been back-ported to 18.04.2. In reality Iā€™m on 16.04 and can install kernels and drivers newer than 18.10 as can anyone.

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