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Tags: sound   suspend   pulseaudio   wakeup  
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Title: No sound on wake, Dummy Output always takes over. 'pulseaudio -k' the fix
ID: /2019/11/25/No-sound-on-wake_-Dummy-Output-always-takes-over.-_pulseaudio-k_-the-fix
Created: November 25, 2019
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It be caused by a new kernel introduced in 19.10 like this case:

If not then you can use this script /etc/systemd/system-sleep/reloadpulse:


# NAME: reloadpulse
# PATH: /lib/systemd/system-sleep
# CALL: Called from SystemD automatically

# DESC: PulseAudo 8 sets sound to dummy ouput when going to sleep.
#       This script kills and reloads pulse audio.

# DATE: November 25, 2019.

# NOTE: Written for ask ubuntu question:

case $1/$2 in
    echo "$0: Going to $2..."
    echo "$0: Waking up from $2..."
    pulseaudio -k

Mark the script executable with chmod a+x /etc/systemd/system-sleep/reloadpulse

After updates deactivate it with chmod a-x /etc/systemd/system-sleep/reloadpulse

Then if the update didn’t fix the problem make it executable again.

You need to reboot for changes to take effect.

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