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Title: Cancel buttons Zenity
ID: /2020/02/20/Cancel-buttons-Zenity
Created: February 20, 2020
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Assuming that return value is 1 for β€œcancel” and 0 for β€œok” you will want to use:


title=$(zenity --entry --text 'Type what you want your Notification Title to Say!' --title 'Notification')
[[ "$?" != "0" ]] && exit 1
text=$(zenity --entry --text 'Type what you want your Notification body to Say!' --title 'Notification')
[[ "$?" != "0" ]] && exit 1
DISPLAY=:0.0 notify-send "$title" "$text"

You can make a longer traditional check like this:

if [[ "$?" != "0" ]] ; then
    exit 1

however I like the shortcut of:

[[ "$?" != "0" ]] && exit 1

No matter which method you choose the importance is consistency with your programming style so those that follow in your footsteps and maintain your code can think inside your head.

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