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Title: What does the -tulpn option mean for netstat?
ID: /2020/03/16/What-does-the-tulpn-option-mean-for-netstat_
Created: March 16, 2020    Edited:  March 16, 2020
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In addition to man netstat you can type info netstat to get a shorter summary and longer explanation:

NETSTAT(8)                      Linux Programmer's Manual                      NETSTAT(8)

       netstat  -  Print  network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, mas‐
       querade connections, and multicast memberships

       netstat [address_family_options] [--tcp|-t] [--udp|-u] [--raw|-w] [--listening|-l]
       [--all|-a]  [--numeric|-n]  [--numeric-hosts]  [--numeric-ports] [--numeric-users]
       [--symbolic|-N] [--extend|-e[--extend|-e]]  [--timers|-o]  [--program|-p]  [--ver‐
       bose|-v] [--continuous|-c]

For -t -u -l -p -n above you see --tcp, --udp, --listen, --program and --numeric without having to scroll.

Scrolling down you can see verbose explanations.

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