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Title: Why is it possible to take screenshot without root privileges?
ID: /2020/06/06/Why-is-it-possible-to-take-screenshot-without-root-privileges_
Created: June 6, 2020
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You could take the time to allow no one except root user to run the screenshot program. However other programs can still see the “screen”, any “monitor” and any “window” opened.

For example my little python script “reads” the screen image, gathers monitor information and controls any window:

mmm screenshot.png

The same python script also pauses/plays movies on the left monitor, adjusts brightness and color temperature on any monitor and even controls a 120 VAC light behind a TV turning it off and on.

What you deem a disadvantage or “security hole” is actually an advantage or “freedom” for others. After all, we are talking about “personal computers”. Even in business settings it is often necessary for a low-power user to take a screenshot. One example is taking a program’s screenshot and sending it to corporate help desk for support.

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