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Title: How to remove gnome settings from ubuntu 20.04 with unity desktop?
ID: /2020/06/07/How-to-remove-gnome-settings-from-ubuntu-20.04-with-unity-desktop_
Created: June 7, 2020    Edited:  January 6, 2022
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After you’ve install Unity Desktop and, logged into it, use:

sudo apt remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop
sudo apt remove gnome-shell

This works for for Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04 and even 20.10 (Groovy). Source:

Although article is written for Ubuntu 16.04, you can verify the package is still around for 20.04 (called Focal) by visiting Package: ubuntu-gnome-desktop:

ubuntu-gnome-deskop package.png

Personally I use Unity all the time but like to keep both desktops installed. Occasionally I need to answer other users’ questions about Gnome Desktop.

Note: ubuntu-gnome-desktop might not be installed

Because it is a transitional package since 18.04 these instructions from:

Tell you to simply use:

sudo apt remove gnome-shell

The article doesn’t mention ubuntu-gnome-desktop needing to be removed. This article includes additional tips on setting up Unity Desktop.

⇧ 4 clicks to shut down Ubuntu - can we reduce this? Why is it possible to take screenshot without root privileges?  β‡©