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If you can read me, I'm broken!

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Title: A problem when Installing the Nvidia, Cuda on Ubuntu 16.04, and with upgrading the Ubuntu
ID: /2021/01/20/A-problem-when-Installing-the-Nvidia_-Cuda-on-Ubuntu-16.04_-and-with-upgrading-the-Ubuntu
Created: January 20, 2021
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The first thing I would do is getting apt working again as detailed here:

To summarize the answer:

Visit, and download the python-minimal and python3-minimal and apt packages, then install those packages using dpkg. It may take a few iterations, as dpkg complains about other missing dependencies that you must download and install in the correct order.

Generally, most users who have broken or missing Python find it faster and easier to simply backup their data and do a clean-install.

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